Ancient guardian and defender of the Stone Grove


A grim and imposing sentinel of the wilds. Walder has become bound to the primeval world through an ancient ritual. The most recent in a line of druids that have bound themselves to an ancient grove. Having joined in symbiosis with an ancient tree, he is bound forever to his grove and his life is unnaturally extended so that he only ages at a fraction of the normal rate.
A woody vine wraps around his body and has burrowed into his flesh. This vine is the only means of locomotion he has.

He is burly, but simultaneously withered. The ancient tree he is bound to provides him with nourishment and a physical equilibrium. But he no longer performs the physical feats he did before becoming the avatar of the stone grove.

His armor is piecemeal, remnants from his time as a paladin. It was once heavy armor, but has long ago fallen into disuse.



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