Elder Gnarlhorn


Brennos is a gnarlhorn, a towering humanoid with the head of a ram. He has served the Avatar of the Stone Grove for ages, his lifespan magically enhanced by druidic powers.

He is not as muscular as others of his kind, instead relying on his keen mind and magical talents. But he is still prodigiously strong, and could break bones with a well-placed strike from his fists, or cave in an armored man’s chest with a head-butt

His body is covered with a layer of light gray fur, darker along his spine; the charcoal gray hair along the top of his head and down his back is a thin mane-like strip along the top pf his head down his back

He wears little clothing, a loincloth made out of hide from a mountain bear, and a thick cloak made from wool and leather that has been dyed a gray-green color to blend into his mountain home. Beneath his cloak, he carries a number of cords across his chest and around his waist that have several talismans hanging. Each talisman is carved from stone, petrified wood, or horn, and is the size of a playing card. Each talisman bears a runic symbol representing his druidic magic.



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