Shifting Tides

Acavna and this damned Island.

I came here thinking I could learn more about Acavna. Figure out why my ancestors still carried around a symbol of a God, dead thousands of years now. Maybe understand why I feel so drawn to her symbol myself. I’ve seen the way Genesis looks at my pendant, judging. Can I blame her? I’m not wearing they symbol of a god anyone actually worships. I know very little about Acavna and less about Azlant. Part of me thinks I should just get back on a ship and return home and admit my foolishness. I can go back to protecting the tribe and get married just like everyone is expected to. But honestly, do I really want that?

This damned Island has sunk its claws into me. The little hints of information that it teases while creating more questions. I initially figured I’d be on my own here; pursuing my questions with little care or expectations. Again, I was apparently wrong. I’ve joined forces with some others who initially I had no intention of involving in my search. But it seems this Island has entangled us in some age old struggle that I don’t quite understand. It looks like we have become the best chance of protecting the settlers in Second Chance.

We have encountered people called the ‘Blighted’ who are minions of someone called Equinox. They are seeking another individual name Walder who they claim is derelict in his duty protecting the Island. Equinox wanted us to confront Walder and force him to fulfill his obligations. We agreed. We found Walder in what seemed to be a pocket dimension near a large crystal called a Gatestone. However, Walder seems to be doing what he agreed to. So now what, meet up with Equinox and let her know that Walder is doing his job? Sounds like a plan. Except we also learned that Equinox’s minions are attacking and killing off the Narlhorns that are assisting Walder.

On a side note, apparently I’ve been touched by the Fey wild. Either through something on this Island, or an ancestor. I’m not sure which, but apparently being so close to the Gatestone makes my eye glow slightly and provided me with some new abilities.

Before returning to Second Chance, we decided to make our way towards some of the ruins on this island and encountered two Thieflings who were by another large crystal. They attacked us but grossly underestimated us and we subdued them. While questioning one of them, we learned that they were attempting to draw powers out of these large crystals, sometimes by breaking them. And there is a third one somewhere on this island continuing this plan. Unfortunately these crystals are part of what power the barrier protecting the Island and breaking them weakens this protection. The Thiefling also revealed that they had been in contact with Equinox and she seemed to be aware of their actions towards the crystals. Why in the Hells would Equinox want us to confront Walder about doing his job, yet she allowed these cretins to damage the very things helping to protect this Island?

I refused to allow these two the chance to continue their work. Grienor seemed willing to finish them off if I agreed. Which I did. I had already decided their fate. I just hadn’t told the others. However, If they were to die by my command, it would be by my hand, while I looked them in the eyes. So I did it, I executed them; bound, defenseless and at our mercy. Acavna forgive me.

I’m not even sure if Acavna would have approved of my decision and that thought scares me. I came here looking for more information about her and her ideals. Perhaps even strive to emulate them. Yet have I violated them unknowingly and with little hesitation? What arrogance makes me think I am up to this task? From what little I know, she perished trying to protect the people of Azlant. And while she didn’t save everyone, my ancestors survival is a testament that she did in fact save some of us.

I didn’t intend to become embroiled in some ages old struggle and I’m not sure I even how much I can do. But in some small way, I can at least try to protect the people of Second Chance the way Acavna tried to protect Azlant. I just hope we are more successful than she was.


joshuaabacon Hatashi

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